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Sunday School 9:30 a.m. ~ Worship Hour 10:30 a.m.
Bible Study ~ Wednesdays at noon
Nuture Ministries
Nurture Ministries give attention to the needs of individuals and families of all ages.

Disciple Bible Study is a program of disciplined small group study of Scripture that is aimed at developing strong Christian leaders. Through Disciple, persons will be strengthened in their faith and guided into service and ministry.

Purpose Driven Church Study Group is a small group discussion on Rick Warren's Book, Purpose Driven Church - Growth Without Compromising Your Message & Mission.

Bereavement/Congregational Respite Ministry (The Good Grief Bereavement Ministry) . . . provides support, guidance and comfort to members and friends as well as training in the stages of grief. This ministry also provides caregivers with personal time off during the day.
Chairperson : Shirley Fannings

Christian Education oversees the educational life of the church, including the Sunday School and facilitation of Vacation Bible School activities.
Department Chairperson : Raymond McClendon

Sunday School offers instructional programs about God and His teaching for all ages. Classes include the following: Children and Youth Division -- Pre-School/Kindergarten, Primary, Junior, Early Teen and Late Teen Classes. Adult Division -- C. B. Griggs, Fidelis #1, William & Cunningham, and E. W. Washington, Sr. Classes.
Sunday School Co- Superintendents Charles and Dr. Diane Camp

Vacation Bible School provides fun-filled, Bible-centered activities for all ages. VBS is conducted one week every summer.

Class Leaders serves as a liaison between members and the church. Provides a means by which we may grow in spiritual formation through accountability and support. The Class leaders meet every 5th Saturday.

Confirmation classes provide training for youth to learn about the meaning of Christian faith and the history and teachings of the United Methodist Church for reception into full membership of the church.

Courtesy Committee arranges for a repast following a funeral and on occasions when there is a need.
Chairperson: Barbara Hayes

Family Ministries. studies the hopes, concerns and needs of the families in the church and the community to determine how this ministry can help them. Seek resources for developing programs to enhance the "Mission of God's Church."
Chairperson : Earnestine Nelson

Intercessory Prayer Ministry intercedes on behalf of the Warren congregation, the community and the world as directed and inspired by the Holy spirit. The Intercessory Prayer Ministry meets every Tuesday at 6:30 P.M.
Chairperson : Trieste Lockhart

Membership Secretary welcomes new members, identifies activities for member retention, and follow-up on members who are absent.

Scholarship Committee oversees the Warren Memorial Scholarship fund. This fund is a $150,000 endowment for Warren's college-bound high school graduates.
Click Here for Scholarship application.
Chairperson : Dr. Addie Shopshire-Rolle

Stewardship Committee promotes the individual commitment of one's prayers, presence, gifts, and services to the Church and its mission. The purpose of the stewardship committee is to deepen the church family's understanding of faith and trust in God by studying the biblical teachings on giving of one's self through prayer, service, presence, tithes and offerings and to be able to measure an increased level of commitment to the church's mission.
Chairperson : Eloise Sykes

Worship Committee explores avenues for making Warren worship services more inviting and meaningful. The purpose of the Worship committee is to work with the pastor to help meet the needs of the congregation by offering settings for vital worship in which people experience the presence of God and grow in the knowledge of God.
Chairperson : Dr. Joel Harrell