A Beacon of Hope and Enlightenment Through Spiritual Growth and Christian Values

181 Joseph E. Lowery Blvd., S.W.
Atlanta, Ga 30314 (404) 755-8931
Virtual Worship : 10:30 a.m.
Virtual Bible Study:
Wednesdays @Noon

A Beacon of Hope and Enlightenment Through Spiritual Growth and Christian Values

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The Worship Ministry seeks to enhance the worship experience through leadership, evangelism and discipleship.

The Acolytes Ministry provides children and youth with the responsibility for bringing in the light of God into the Sanctuary via the lighting of the altar candles and giving ministerial support.

Communion Stewards assist the pastoral staff with the serving of the elements of The Lord's Supper as well as baptisms and weddings.
Greeters provide leadership in welcoming and greeting our friends and members to Warren.
Media Ministry consist of sound technicians who provide service during the morning  worship service, weddings, funerals, special programs and events, etc.  Tapes the services which are available for sale to the congregation and visitors.  Prepare tapes for the sick and shut in.
The Ushers greet and seat all persons attending worship service. Ushers help maintain order during the worship service and administer the collection of God's tithes and offerings as well as distribute the Sunday Morning programs.
Men Ushers : 1st Sunday.
Women Ushers : 2nd Sunday.
Youth Ushers : 3rd Sunday.
Adult Ushers : 4th Sunday.
Contemporary Adult Ushers : 5th Sunday.

The Music Ministry serves to point the way to Christ through the singing of hymns, anthems, spirituals and contemporary music - music that is Christ centered, to the glory of God and for the enrichment of the lives of the congregation.